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New Jersey Comedians, Comedians for Fundraisers, Magicians for Fundraisers,
Fundraiser Comedians,

Who Are We?

We are a network of professional entertainers with years of experience and knowledge to provide the gift of laughter to your fundraiser.  We will work with your budget to get you the best value at the lowest price. With our money back guarantee, your event will be a memorable success. 

New Jersey Comedians, Comedians for Fundraisers, Magicians for Fundraisers,
Fundraiser Comedians,

Why We Are The Best!

We  provide high quality fundraising services that include sound, lighting, backdrops, along with professional, top of the line entertainers who specialize in hilarious comedy, eye-widening magic and astounding ventriloquism.

New Jersey Comedians, Comedians for Fundraisers, Magicians for Fundraisers,
Fundraiser Comedians,

We Do It All!

We will help you fundraise from start to finish. From picking the venue, to creating a marketing plan, to designing tickets, we can help. We'll assist in live ans silent auctions, tricky-tray baskets, and 50/50 raffles to assure that your event runs smoothly and efficiently. 


Choosing a Date & Time

When it comes to fundraisers, the date and time you choose are very important. We’ll help you choose a date and time that will be suitable for most of your target audience to attend.

Finding a Venue

We will assist you in choosing the best place for your fundraiser. With this in mind, we take many things into consideration, including your audience, expected number of guests, your budget and the date and time of your event.

Designing Tickets

Whether your guests pay online or at the door, it’s always important for tickets to have an enticing design. We’ll help you create and design the perfect  tickets that will be representative of your cause.

Picking Entertainment

This can make or break an event. John "Gemini" Lombardi headlines at the Borgata Casino, Mohegan Sun casinos, Dangerfield’s Las Vegas, and Caroline’s in NYC. His network of entertainers are top of the line, professional performers. They will be on time, courteous, and most of all entertaining, with no hidden costs!

Recruiting Volunteers

Although we’ll be doing all of the entertainment ourselves for your event, you may need volunteers to help with the many functions that will need to be done prior to the event. As a part of your team, we can help you recruit volunteers, taking that burden off your shoulders.


New Jersey Comedians, Comedians for Fundraisers, Magicians for Fundraisers,
Fundraiser Comedians,

Social Media

When you have a limited marketing budget, it’s important that you spend it wisely to get the most for your money. Marketing through social media is one of the most versatile and cost-effective strategies that small businesses can use to reach their target audience and boost sales over time. That’s why 97% of marketers are using social media to reach their audiences. We will get your event out there on the web to target your specific audience.

Newspaper Ads

We will put together a professional press release. We can also work with  newspaper publishers, and through our experience we can help get your ads published for free.


Posters are always great at capturing anyone’s attention. Full of vibrant colors and zesty photos, many of our entertainers have posters for you to use, and we can also help you create posters that can help make your event come alive. We can also direct you on how to work with your local radio, newspapers, community, and it all starts with putting the team together and it starts with just a phone call.


Discuss Fundraising Methods

Examination of your current fundraising practices and recommendations for improvement. The question is whether each event was successful or not and how it could have been improved. We’ll help you figure out which fundraising applications work the best to help raise you the most money for your event.

Target Audience

Whether it’s an all adult or family type event, our advice to you will vary based on the target audience. We’ve had experience with events that covered various age groups and interest groups. We take pride in our knowledge and how we can use it to help you tweak your fundraiser to suit your audience.

Strategic Fundraising Plan

A detailed action plan for carrying out your fundraiser - We will help you develop an effective plan that will help you raise abundant funds for your organization. We’ll give you a detailed action plan so that you don’t have to worry about reading between the lines and filling in the empty spaces. 

Training Session

A training session for your organization’s key players in the fundraiser whether presented online or if needed we can personally meet with you directly. Your organization would benefit more if its members had a better idea of how to carry out a successful fundraiser. With our many years of fundraising experience, you will be amazed with the results. 


Larry Stevens

Larry Stevens is a standup comedian who has been seen on ABC's Baltimore Saturday Night, and Fox's Jimmy Mathis Show.  He has also performed at Caroline's on Broadway, Comedy Strip Live NYC, and Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

John Lombardi

John "Gemini" Lombardi, is an accomplished comedian, magician and ventriloquist. He has appeared on Comedy Central and Showtime and is a top headliner at the Borgata Casino, Parx Casino, and Caroline’s on Broadway. His college background in marketing has taken him a long way in business management. To learn more visit

Ken Camp

Ken "Deviler" Camp is a standup comedian and the CEO, Publisher, Editor, and Promoter at The South Jersey DEVILer Newspaper. It has a reputation for being the funniest paper in all of southern New Jersey for the past 14 years! He has worked all types of clients such as politicians, schools, Autism Awareness groups, Hurricane Sandy relief groups  


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